Closed Shop

Well, I decided it just wasn’t worth the trouble anymore to keep my shop open so I closed it along with my site too.

I’ve also decided to focus all my energy from now on into making signature tags. I also made a few changes to my group at Google Groups. From now on; the group is open to sharing for moderators and myself only. I’ll still be sending in my tag offers but your replies will be sent to me AND the moderators automatically.

We also have a new tagger for the group; Kat. She was once a part of my creative team for my scrap kits site. She creates some lovely tags and cluster frames too and hopefully she’ll be sharing some of those with us in the group as well.

In the group I also share all my tag extras and realized the other day that I have sent in every tag extra set that I have ever made. Wowsers, that’s a whole lot of tag extras! Recently I had to make some room on one of my hard drives so I zipped up a bunch of my older tag offers and it came to 5 folders full of nothing but my tag offers.

At the moment I’ve been in this creative mood and have been creating somewhere between 3 to 5 new tags a day. Anyone who knows me also knows that that is a very significant thing for me. I usually take a lot of time creating just one tag but here lately it’s like I can’t make the tags fast enough, lol.

Here’s a few examples of my latest tags:

Fall Beauty tag by Mod Girl

The Real You tag by Mod Girl

Be Original tag by Mod Girl

FREE tag extras, comp sets and tag offers by Mod Girl

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